The training rooms

The hall: a large room, more than 80 square metres in size, with wooden floors and several windows. It is on the ground floor with direct access to the garden and has disabled access. It can be laid out in various ways:

• Modalità didattica: 2 areas equipped with tables and chairs and separated by sound proofed panels for groups of 12 to 15 participants each. The other two corners are equipped with sofas and armchairs for relaxation and conversation.
• Modalità convegno, rows of seats and conference tables at the end of the room with a 50 to 60 participant capacity.

The seminar room: a fully equipped room on the ground floor, 30 square metres in size, with a wooden floor, tables and chairs suitable for teaching activities or work meetings and study sessions. This room too is on the ground floor with direct access to the garden and has disabled access.

The culinary laboratory: which can also be used for teaching, training and demonstrations. It contains the equipment needed for cooking courses and demonstrations.

Il laboratorio gastronomico, utilizzabile anche a fini didattici e dimostrativi, contiene tutta l’attrezzatura per corsi e dimostrazioni di cucina.

The building complex is equipped with wi-fi internet connection, video-projectors, flipcharts, printer and photocopier.  On request – and in conjunction with our partners – one or two personal computer rooms can be set up with support for the installation of specific software. The quantity and characteristics of the personal computers will be agreed with the client.


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