Outdoor training, meetings and company events

The building complex is made up of 3 buildings (the main building and two free-standing buildings) dating to the end of the 19th to the beginning of the 20th centuries and made entirely in stone hewn on site.location

The beams, windows and doors and all finishings are in local material, from local stone quarries or forests. The restoration work has kept faithfully to the original structure and brought it into compliance with recent antiseismic and energy saving legislation.

Use of plastic and synthetic materials has been kept to a minimum. Iron, stone and wood have been the materials of choice and the original beams were reworked for the floors. The building solutions used have brought the building’s original function into harmony with our requirements for meeting, residence and work rooms.

Insulation, under floor heating and new door and window frames ensure optimal heat management within the building. The heating system uses solar panels for the production of hot water and a wood chip boiler gives additional energy for heating during the winter months.

A significant proportion of the building’s electricity is produced on site by the photovoltaic panels on the roof. The indoor lighting is entirely low voltage (led and fluorescent). Drinking water comes from underground accumulation cisterns. The vegetable garden and other agricultural activity is totally pesticide and chemical fertilizer-free and this applies equally to those allowed in organic farming. Our vegetable garden follows the principles of companion crop agriculture growing the most highly resistant species without artificial assistance and respecting the seasons. Adequate cellars enable us to conserve vegetables which can thus be consumed long after they are harvested.

The (indoor and outdoor) spaces are designed to be ideal for:

  • Teaching activities and seminars and traditional training methods on any subject and at the discretion of the trainer for both single groups and subgroups. The two large teaching rooms, the external spaces, the gardens, under the trees and in the forest are all ideal areas for these activities;
  • Outdoor training activities using indoor rooms, external laboratories and internal open spaces or those adjacent to the building;
  • Business meetings, special team activities ensured by exclusive use of the building complex and by its peaceful and private position;
  • Events, tastings, company or associate dinners bringing together teaching rooms with company and local product tastings using menus prepared in the well equipped, authorized indoor laboratories;
  • Week-ends, whole weeks, anti-stress breaks for employees, managers or students in difficulty or who simply need a change of work context bringing together work functions with a working environment which is different from that of a traditional office.

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